Friday, January 11, 2008

Outsider Art/Collection

Well in keeping with the discussion on Quilt Art about what we ourselves collect I thought I'd post pics of our "shop" collection. Here are all of the pieces that we've collected over the years from other artists. All are in our shop hanging with plaques next to them as to who created them. There is a lot of other stuff on our walls as well but these are the things we couldn't pass up nor keep to ourselves at home!!

"Bloodroot" by Jan Brashears.
The benefits of being an "adopted" daughter are you get given pieces you love. Our first newspaper article about the shop had a misprint where it said the owners were a mother/daughter duo of Jan Brashears and Kristin Rodriguez instead of the correct Jan Girod and Kristin Rodriguez. So the day it came out I called my "mother" to tell her about the article and a couple days later when I said I loved the piece it was gifted to me. Gotta love it!

"Fall Colors" by Janelle Girod
On the flip side of the "adopted" mother bit is when it is really your own mother. I included this piece as I HAD to buy it. She had made this for a silent auction and when I told her that I loved it and why couldn't she simply make another piece I got that look. You all know the one! She explained that she had already shown this to the group. I ended up having to go to the Quilt Show to bid on the piece. I worked as a quilt angel that year and everything to make sure I was there at closing of the auction. I made sure everyone knew my own mother was making me buy a piece!!

"Untitled" by Liz Berg
Acquired from the One Square Foot Auction of SAQA.

"Untitled" by Janice Kuhns
I fell in love with this piece at the most recent East Cobb Quilt Guild Show in the silent auction. Somehow was able to twist my mother's arm enough to buy it. It now hangs behind our register.

"Mardi Gras" by Jeanne Graff
"Winter Morning #3" by Karen Stiehl Osborn
"Dawn Dance of the Dragonfly #3" by Karen Stiehl Osborn
"Hope #20" by Virginia A. Spiegel
All acquired from the FFAC postcard sales.

Both Postcards by Heidi Miracle-McMahill
I got these as Christmas gifts a year ago and absolutely love them.

Postcard by Rebecca Reasons-Edwards
Can you see our sense of humor around the shop?

"Layers II" by Heidi Miracle-McMahill

This doll by Karla Stuber sits in our fireplace!
There is also a great quilt by Rebecca Reasons-Edwards that graces the wall of our bathroom. I didn't post it here as most really need to see it in person and have a great sense of humor about it. Not to mention it is not necessarily ours to claim but it has been with us for almost a year now!!

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Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Thanks so much for sharing your collected art ... love the Karla Stuber doll!