Monday, January 14, 2008

Yeah Projects!!

After listening to all my friends and customers challenges to keep themselves making art in the new year I felt bad. I had yet to make a thing in the new year. I had such a month full of projects in December as I made everyone's Christmas presents but had not touched the machine or knitting needles since 12/22!! So on Saturday I actually sat down and made some things. Talk about fun. I also have some new projects since new yarn came in today.

After searching for cute aprons around Christmas for a friend, and not finding one I liked, I ended up making her one. It was fun and easy. Her main complaint about store bought aprons was that they don't fit across the bust if you really have anything up there! So I even made this one somewhat larger across the top. The apron along with the tote are listed on etsy at

Yes, yes....I joined the etsy bandwagon. Have to unload my stash somehow right??!!

I ended up making this tote from the scraps of the apron.

This yarn and pattern just arrived in today. My mom wants that purple sweater you see but doesn't really want to knit it herself!! I'm more than happy to have a project to do :) so now will pick up the knitting needles.

This sock yarn just came in as well. 5 yummy colors worth. Sad part is I have to knit on those toothpicks to the left of the yarn!! Don't know if I'm up for it but need a shop model. Karla, Karla.......where are you? Now ever so sweetly asking.....You like knitting with toothpicks dontcha wanna knit these for me :)? Lol......I know exactly her answer though!

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