Monday, January 21, 2008

What a weekend!!

Well this has certainly been a crazy weekend around here. We saw snow for the second day in a week here in Atlanta. We ended up having to cancel the block of the month and close the shop. Our shop was right on the line of the 1-4" line of snow! Now I know that doesn't sound like a lot but around here most people are not used to driving in it and we didn't want to take a risk. When we came down to get the list of people to call and post signs there was a thick layer of sleet in our parking lot and on our steps! Made getting in through the door we needed to interesting....hence why we just ended up closing! Made for a lovely if not distracting day off though. We both set up machines to work on projects. Mom for her class on Wednesday and I for a quilt university class. Unfortunately we were both sitting facing windows and the outside view became very distracting! Here's a pic to show why.....

The piece in the window is a postcard based on the practice for Susan Brittinhams class of Upside-Down Applique.

Today has been a long day with communicating with vendors and such but how can you not laugh when you open a door and are greated with this!!!! He is definitely ready to play can you tell.

Lol.....what a laugh we got and he just cocked his head to the side like "What ya laughin' at?"

Anyways......back to work now.
Btw......The Cast Offs have changed over from Thursday nights to Tuesday nights. So if you are in the area and want to knit/stitch come on by any Tuesday between 5PM-8PM or earlier if you like!!

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