Saturday, December 29, 2007

Inventory & Christmas Photos

Well today is inventory day.......let's just say at this point we are all seeing cross-eyed!! I ran away for a moment for a break and decided I'd post pictures and do an update. We re-open on Jan. 2nd and are very excited for the new year. We'll be visiting a lot of guilds in January so are busily getting ready for those. Here are a few pics from today and the Christmas gifts we made.

Can you tell we are getting a lot done from this pic?

There are piles everywhere!!

You never realize how many fat quarters you really have until this moment. They are ready to throw the scanner out the window!!

This is an apron I made for a friend. It says cupcakes.....

A penguin hat for my 2yr old nephew.

The scarf for my 5yr old nephew.

A crochet felted bowl.

This is the bug quilt that was promised 3 years ago!! Grandma finally finished it.

This is the queen size quilt I just made.......

This is her opening it!!
So inventory is done and I just got given the scanner to update the system so I better get to it!! Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year's!!

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