Thursday, January 31, 2008

So much stuff going on it's a blast!!!

Yesterday got so busy I couldn't post this then so here it is.......

The second session of Beginning Dollmaking was held. When I went downstairs to peek they were intently sewing the stuffed limbs onto the main body!! We're used to a lot of laughter and talk coming from the basement during classes but these ladies were so focused on their dolls that there was only a little bit of it!

Here's the teacher Karla demonstrating the stitching.

We've had so many batiks come in that we decided a shop model was necessary. So here's the one I'm working on......nice and easy with no set-in seams like the queen size quilt I did. The stack of cut pieces is almost done today so I'll take some more photos as I decide placement for the strips and post them tomorrow. I've said so much stuff is pouring in it's not even funny. Here are a bunch of solids that came in the other day. They haven't even moved from the table to the shelves. As you can see the pile to the left.....blues and greens have been selling. People must be working on a lot of landscapes!

The batiks are running right on out of the shelves.......and more are arriving today. We need to get a move on and get everything reorganized so that we can fit all this fabric on shelves. Think we are going to have a few more custom built for us in order to get it all in! Those might not happen before shop hop so we'll do our best of getting it all on the shelves we have. :) We still haven't started our shop hop quilt yet but with all this new fabric we should have a lot of fun with it!

I best get to work on all the projects so happy stitching and I'll post tomorrow.

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