Friday, June 1, 2007

Kristin's Friday Adventures in Ohio

Well I arrived late last night to Columbus, OH. Now granted that was because I left after a 2008 Shop Hop meeting and then made a voluntary detour to a store I loved while living in Cincinnati!!

So my first day of TNNA started off with Basic Pattern Drafting with Melissa Leapman. I must say she is a great teacher. She knew just how to handle the class of beginner-advanced students/good math abilities - not so good abilities. She was able to explain it in a way the first time then go back over it a second time if need be without losing the interest of anyone. I'm so excited to now use some of those great ideas/explanations to make up a tank sweater idea that has been floating in my head for months.

After the class ended at 11AM I took a little time before leaving at 1:30 to head to Athens, OH and the Dairy Barn. Yup that's right I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to Quilt National!! Especially after mom had been there just last week. I have to say my favorite of the show was "Hidden Agenda" by .....?? (oh no I forgot her name!!!) out of the UK. Now I surprised myself even that this was my favorite. I love color yet this was the most neutral piece there. It was light tan to cream in color. The piece was fabulous with a knitted background out of a boucle yarn with blocks of trapuntoed felt ontop of it. Each block had a full letter/symbol or only a partial piece of it. I thought the detail and use of material was striking. I hope everyone that is able to get there before it is taken down at the beginning of September should go. It is truly amazing to see the different art that all of these individual artists see in their "mind's eye."

I must say overall a day very well spent!!!

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