Monday, June 11, 2007

So many new things......

We have been busy in this past week with trying to prepare for the start of the Beaney & Littlejohn classes that mom and Sharon Ahmed are teaching. Mom's downstairs now trying to prep her machines for tomorrow. If you can just imagine.....I think we are at 8 people coming in with 2 machines a piece (sewing machine and embellisher)!!! Oh the fun to be had downstairs!

Look at all the goodies she has down's enough to make your mouth drool.

Here is a pic of some of the new Heather Bailey Fresh Cut series we got in. It is an absolutely great line for spring/summer. A lot of fun colors and patterns.

I finally finished both purses. The pink one was crocheted. I just learned how to crochet on June 2nd and already I have a piece done. That's an awesome if I can just figure out what to do next with the few stitches I know. The purple bag is knit. My aunt and I challenged each other to try cables for the first time and chose this purse. I'm finally done!!!

A close up of the diagonal cable.

A close up of the single crochet stitch. Color is a little off on this pic....gotta work on that.

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