Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Finally Back from Yarn Market

Well after my less then stellar drive back I can say that this weekend was a huge success!!!!

On Saturday I took a class on crochet with Melissa Leapman. I have been fighting learning it for a while and finally broke down. I finished the purse project(see pic below) that she gave us and decided the hat needed to be done on a smaller hook as right now it is the size of a bucket.

After the class I went to "walk the floor" to see what I could find. I managed to swing by a publisher's booth twice to snag 2 new autographed books(pics below). I left feeling a success as I found a lot of new companies and new product. We will be looking at getting in different roving, mohair curls, hemp yarn, perle cotton, and it seems like the list can go on and on. So basically this trip was successful for not only the knitting/crocheting side but also for doll making, felting/needlefelting, and quilting! I rock if I do say so myself.......lol. I can see mom rolling her eyes as she reads that one.

Yesterday I took a class with Lily Chin about getting press coverage. All I can say is she definitely knew what she was talking about. She is so good with words and quick one liners it makes anyone envious. I wish I could think that quickly.

That unfortunately was the end of my fun!! On the drive home I got stuck for 40mins just outside of Columbus, OH due to a tractor trailor that had flipped and caught fire. Then in KY it started pouring and the wind was gusting so bad. I caught a gust just so and hydroplaned. In the process got a flat tire. So all in all an 8 or so hour trip ended up taking about 11!! :) Gotta love driving. Just glad to be back with my bag full of goodies and new info. Now mom gets to start ordering.......that's the fun part.

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