Friday, August 4, 2017

Vacation Over, Back to Work....

A great time was had during our vacation;
 a little fun in the lake...a flotilla was usually part of the fun,
nightfall found us gathered around the fire.
A little too much rain almost cancelled our "glow stick" party, but as you can see we found a way to have a bit of fun anyway.

Most vacations must come to an end at some point and ours did with a great deal of discussion about next year.

Our newsletter went out today announcing our "Sale of the Week";  Whisper Silk Thread.  I thought I would say a bit about our hand dyed silk threads.  Whisper is a "spun" thread, it gives a softer look when using it in your embroidery.  Compared to the other two silk thread lines; Luster and Shimmer are both "reeled" threads which have a sheen and subtle twist to them.  In the piece below I used the silk threads and silk ribbon, I love working with Whisper on our hand dyed Osnaburg and on wool.
Also included in our newsletter were details about our classes this fall at International Quilt Festival in Houston.  They are not listed as being taught by Fiber on a Whim, but under our names Kristin Rodriguez and Janelle Girod. 

 Altered Art Journal-#117  Monday, October 30th; 9am to 5pm
Layered Pages-Fabric Book-#217 Tuesday, October 31st; 9am to 5pm
Texture Explorations-# 546 Friday, November 3rd, 9am to 12pm
You can go to to find out more information and/or to register.  We look forward to having a lot of fun in these classes and sharing many different techniques. Come play with us.

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