Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sometimes It Looks Like This.....

Whatever you call your work space; be it sewing room, studio, office....or something else it is a space we cherish.  Today as I briefly walked in and out of my space I looked at this...
this is my design wall.  Do you see a problem with it, I sure do, there is nothing on it.  This has been what it has looked like for quite awhile.  Has this happened to you?  Have you had a dry spell creatively?

For me it is an on and off kind of thing, especially when I have been working on shop models.  I then find myself exhausted for doing my own work, but usually there is something on the design wall.  Just viewing something waiting for me does trigger ideas, desire to plot out something new....I found myself mulling over "when" do I find myself in this place.....summertime!  Time for so many other things...yard work, gardens, possibly some discharging of fabric or even printing on fabric.  Oh so many things I could be doing....hmmmm!  Or simply a book, a chair and a cold drink on the porch, time to be....we all need that to...right?

My problem isn't lack of family support, daughter is my business partner, grandson spent last week helping in the dye studio (at 11 1/2 years of age he really is a help) and my hubby has always been my biggest supporter.  Look what he brought home over the past couple of weeks!

When he came in and set this Bernina down, all I could do is look at him. How does he find these?  At this point I haven't even had a chance to see how it stitches.  This makes 3 Bernina's he has come home with over the last 7 years or so.  I have to admit his timing on the first couple was excellent because I had run my Pfaff to the brink of no return and I really needed a new machine.  Now....well I'm going to check this one out, cause it seems a lot lighter weight wise and might be perfect to take on the road.
 A few days later he walk in with this little gem....a white Featherweight!  As with the one above I haven't even plugged it in yet.....but as I gazed upon it today....I think I have got to try it out this week...just want to see how it stitches.  I think this means there are presently 3 different Featherweights around here.
He is also pretty good at spotting vintage quilts too!  He brought this crazy quilt home last fall.  It smelled, so I did something I never really do....I left it all winter on a table on the screen porch.  You know what, it doesn't smell bad anymore...probably helped that I took it apart, removed the back and edging.  It does have some rough areas, so I am planning on creating other things with it...pillows, critters or maybe a surprise or two.  When I questioned him about why he brought it home....his response went like this; "I know how much time it takes you to do this kind of stitching, I just couldn't let it get thrown out."  Oh I have trained him well...haven't I?

Wishing you all some creative time.
Thanks for stopping by.

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