Saturday, July 1, 2017

Ta Dah......

I think this needs a drum roll and a shuffle step dance move with arms outstretched as I say "Ta Dah"!  On March 27, 2017 I ended the blog post saying to stay tuned that a pattern for the pillow would be coming soon....welllll.....3 months later....okay that isn't really soon, but it is now available.

This is the first version of the pillow that has attracted many of you as you passed our booth during this last year or so and each time we were asked about a pattern I had to say, sorry we don't have one.
During vending in March at the Quilts in Paradise Show put on by Friendship Knot Guild in Sarasota, FL I was embroidering on this pillows center panel and once again many of you asked about a pattern...
Okay we finally got the message....yeah....I know it takes us awhile, but we finally got it accomplished.  The pattern cover has a third rendition of the pillow photographed, we absolutely love making them .  Trust me you can put any combo of colors together and it will look wonderful. 
 Then a couple of "sweet" friends and they know who they are started "hounding" us about more patterns....yeah....they seem to think we are just sitting around with nothing to do...but...they had and have a point.  So....we finally put together the pattern for our Textured Collage that we filmed for Quilting Arts TV.  For those of you who found the article in Quilting Arts Magazine, or have taken a class from us on this technique...we thank you.  Now it is available for those of you who have asked for the pattern.
This is another version of the collage and it can be found on the back of the pattern cover.
 You can find both these patterns at   Oops...they will be up in the store before the Fourth of July I promise, you won't have to wait three more months, I swear.  We just shipped out the market orders, cleaned up the website and did a inventory in house of things we were getting low on...but today we did yard anticipation of hosting what is becoming our annual July 5th barbecue.

Thanks for stopping by and for keeping us on the ball.
To everyone here in the States have a wonderful Fourth of July.

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