Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ahhh Summer Days.....

For many of you, you will understand why I haven't written a blog in a couple of weeks.  It's summertime, the kids are out of school and it's time to enjoy everything summer brings.  Well.....I'm not used to having a young one around the house everyday, but it has been great having my grandson hanging out.  Now he may not be so sure about that, but...then again....he seems very pleased with how the days have gone so far.

After handling the orders, packing and shipping we headed to Barnes & Noble to find a copy of Stampingtons' Sew Somerset because Deborah Boschert has an article in the Summer 2017 issue.

In these fantastic little pieces she uses many of our textured fabrics/fibers.  She gave us a great shout-out which we are very grateful for.

Don't know about you but I cannot go into a book store without spending a small fortune before I make it back to my I recently found the second issue of a new magazine I came across while vending at Mid-Atlantic in Hampton, VA in February.  I passed up buying the first issue in February......well I left Barnes & Noble the other day with Issue 1.  I can honestly say I will keep my eye out for Issue 3 as I contemplate subscribing.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this new magazine.
Upon reading this issue I almost flipped out when I got to the piece about Hen & Chicks Studio in Conrad, IA owned by Heidi Kaisand.  Heidi was one of the first shop owners/quilters to discover us at quilt market and designed projects using our products. 
Imagine my surprise and pleasure when I saw this photo, I recognized our burlap through the bike spokes.  The pillow "Burlap and Blossoms" is really adorable.  I love the vignette,  gratefully the other pieces in the photograph made me stop and look closely.
Quiltfolk is an advertisement free magazine, that is highlighting/showcasing various areas/states around the country.  The first issue highlighted the quilters of Oregon, issue two highlights Iowa.  As someone who travels around the country vending, I am finding the magazine delightful and will surely look into visiting some of these places as I travel.  I also found it fantastic to see familiar faces and actually get to see their shops.  Check it out.

My guy, was not disappointed as you can see....I took this photo over my shoulder at a stoplight.  He left with reading material that as you can see had him engrossed.
The remainder of the day was spent like this, and each day he carried his bag of "stuff" home with him at night, back in the morning.  Think he will want to keep his eyes open for subsequent reading material. 

Besides helping with Fiber on the Whim stuff,  he has been helping me with projects around here that we just haven't had time for, because of  traveling and dyeing.  First up, was the deck and porch that were still covered in pollen and cobwebs.  Somehow during this project Grandma wound up wetter than the grandson....hmmmm....can you figure out "who" had the hose.

These two really appreciated his efforts because they had not been allowed out there because they would've been covered with yellow pollen and let me assure you they love being out on the porch for long stretches of time...just like me.

Next up we tackled a tree that needed trimming and big pots that needed plantings.  To accomplish the first job, he climbed a ladder and sawed off these limbs.  Backing my car in and out of the driveway is no longer a noisy, scratchy affair.
We then headed to the local nursery where we picked out plants, let me clue you he had some very strong opinions about the color combo's.  As we were waiting to pay, he started talking about what his favorite colors are....that he really likes the "pure" colors best not necessarily those that you mix to get.  When he mentioned "purple" I stopped and turned....he picked up on my move very quickly...."I know, I takes red and blue to get purple".   I started laughing, at least he realized what he had said.  You can tell he is used to working with color, guess he may have spent some time in the dye studio.

I might be biased but I think he did a pretty darn good job....think I will have to keep him busy this summer cause he is very proud of his efforts.  Once finished we headed to White Water (local water park) guy told me as we entered the park that this was the best way to end our first week and a half together.  Of course this made Grandma's heart swell.

Thanks for stopping by....hopefully I will find time during these "lazy days" of summer!

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