Monday, March 27, 2017

Hooray....One Done.....

Have you ever felt like "life" is conspiring against you getting any creative time?  Well, for the past couple of weeks that's how I have felt.  First, we had to make more of our Bindles in order to fill those orders coming in after being given a shout out in Quilting Arts spring issue.  Thank you everybody...we really appreciated all the orders, it made us kick it into high gear and make more than we have ever made at one time before...whew!  Secondly, I got this nasty cold, that left me with absolutely No Energy.

On March 11, I gave you a peak of a "stacked landscape" we had done that was going to be turned into a pillow...
Here is the finished pillow...done and on it's way to Lakeshore Sewing in Grand Rapids, Michigan as part of a trunk show.  If your in the area of either of their locations, stop in and check it out.
This close-up shows the trees,foreground and if you look closely the clouds.  Oh and birds.
Raggedy edges give my heart palpitations....just love the moods they evoke....all this texture draws the viewer in for a closer look.  Somehow it gives the work an added presence, something extra that a flat piece of cotton doesn't.  Enhances the overall effect.
Stay tuned....the pattern for this and the seascape pillow will be available shortly.
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