Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Without Knowing, Friends Inspire Me.....

This past fall in Houston at Quilt Festival I was making my way down to our booth after teaching my last class and saw a couple of wonderful ladies relaxing at a table.  I stopped to say hello and joined them briefly.  Now this wonderful pair befriended us at AQS-Chattanooga 2015, and have over the last year brought us many wonderful goodies, a taste of home.  When their smiling faces arrive at our booth we know we are going to benefit from their arrival...okay maybe not my "waistline" but I haven't found that to stop me.  As we were talking they wondered if we would hand-dye some vintage linens for them...I quickly said yes....figuring this would provide the perfect opportunity to thank them for their kindness'.
While hanging these gems to dry I found myself thinking about the women who created them, and what they would think of the colors I had used.  For some reasons I can honestly say they were stuck on my mind all evening.
 Today, I kept checking on them, admiring how they looked...only a couple didn't turn out how I hoped they would.   In the past I have admired artist "memory" cloth work, where these gems have been incorporated into their present day pieces.  In fact I have included my grandmothers crocheted doily and clear glass buttons into one of my Minnesota series pieces.  I have also created and gifted angels for my cousins and siblings made from the same grandmother's linens....it was my way as the oldest grandchild to pass along memories. In the past I have hand-dyed other vintage linens, but they haven't turned out like these did, so......my brain....just keeps working overtime.

Here are a couple of others.....you may see why they have worked their way under my skin.

 As I've touched and admired them today I believe the possibilities are endless.  Thank you ladies, this made me look at these old linens with fresh eyes and with a new respect for "women's work"...I have always used them just "as is" and this has made me look at things differently.   Hopefully they will also be inspired to create something wonderful and I will be excited to see what they do with all their new gems....show and tell will be encouraged.

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