Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Few Days On the Beach.......

We managed to do three shows in 2 weeks and squeeze in a few days on the beach in Florida.  Oh if only those few days had managed to last a bit longer....I really could have used them wisely, really I would have.
During the show I demonstrated a few items, but when attendance dropped off in the afternoon I managed to stitch a little.  Then in the evenings I stitched and felt so good to get a few things done.  I will have to add a few beads to a couple of them, cause they do need a little bling.

These bitty stacked landscapes are really sweet.  It really doesn't take much stitching to enhance them, or create a scene.  A couple of beads, rocks or such will add to the overall effect.  For now it will take a bit more contemplation before they are done, because I think they each need to be finished a bit differently.  Choices....framed, pieced into a quilt, mounted on a quilt-let (small quilt used as a mat) maybe I can figure out something else too.

Still on beach time....time to call it a I will show you some more in the next post.

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