Monday, January 16, 2017

Eye Candy.....

"Eye candy....with no calories whatsoever, so  I can indulge"; that is the most frequently heard comment about our products.  Many just stand there, "petting, fondling and absorbing"...I call it filling their "tanks".  We are such tactile and visual beings aren't we?  I know I am...if I wasn't I know I wouldn't be using fabric and fibers as my medium of choice for art making.

I love the days when everything we dye are drying, and then I try really hard to let myself appreciate the stacks of wonderful "colors" piled waiting to be packaged.  Cause if I think too hard about how much work is ahead to get everything ready to be sold, you would probably hear me crying.
For those of you old enough to remember hiding among the bed sheets line drying on laundry day, that is the feeling I get....only this is sweeter, better....hiding in among all this color is like heaven.
This is just a small glimpse at the hand-dyed Rayon Seam Binding and Sari Silk.  After Quilt Festival in Houston we had barely any left of variety that's for here is a small portion of the hangers full of wonderful variegated colors drying.....boy am I glad we have 70 degree temperatures in January. Makes life here so much simpler.
Here we are beginning the stacks to be packaged....before we start processing I can assure you this pile will be higher and there will be more of them. One time I lost Kristin behind a stack of cheesecloth on a table as she started packaging it up...I could hear her, see her legs but not her smile
 As a child growing up in Minnesota I loved seeing the bright green sprouts poking out of the snow as the winter was meant we would be blessed with all the colors of the rainbow as spring blossomed around us.  I guess I have always loved color.  Hand dyeing fabrics and fibers gives me the same rush of happiness, fullness.
The best part is we get to pet, fondle and take in all this glorious color....there are perks to this job.

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