Monday, January 30, 2017

Back To Prepping For The Coming Year.........

After a few distractions we are back to dyeing, Kristin recently handed me 4 inventory lists with numbers that need to be dyed in order to have the numbers we normally take to a show.  Ohhhhh.....I'm tired just thinking about it.
The weather here finally cooled down a bit from the 70 degrees of a couple of weeks out came the portable heater...just to make it comfortable.  You can see the sewing machine in the background, figured if I I needed to be stitching I wasn't going to shiver the entire time.  Something about comfort making it easier to work.
We each have our specialties to dye.....burlap has been mine to do since we's messy, smelly and time consuming.  Once we are done with the dyeing and washing it is gorgeous, not stinky and not stiff.  Hanging on the line to dry is looks pretty darn good, but I know there are many more pieces to go.....yikes!  At the same time I am dyeing silk carrier rods, which are very time consuming....also kinda yucky....why I decided to do these at the same time I don't know.....will probably have to make a note to myself so I won't do it again. 

I plan to take time to do something creative of my choosing before I write again.  Have a great week.

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