Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dimensional Silk Hankie.....

It was pointed out that after IQF I did forget to do a post on turning our "silk hankies" into a dimensional vessel, soooo....since we were busy yesterday moving my hubby back to Atlanta after his ten months' in Knoxville, TN this seemed like a wonderful opportunity.  This vessel only took one package of the Autumn Splendor silk hankies.
In order to stiffen the hankies I used Atelier Gloss Medium & Varnish, some copper colored skeleton leaves, metallic thread and our hand-dyed Sari ribbon.  I used a concrete planter placing the treated hankies inside the planter, the problem encountered was that it took forever to dry and I do mean FOREVER....partly because of Atlanta's humidity, but also the concrete retained the moisture...duh!
Hand stitching was used to embellish the vessel after it was completely dry. I used a simple running stitch, backstitch and French knots.  Notice that knots were not hidden or imbedded they were left with long tails, looking like fringe/tassels.

Take a close look and I think you can see the imbedded skeleton leaves.  They are very subtle, I really thought they would show just a bit more than they do.
This photo is taken from the bottom up to show our hand-dyed sari ribbon that I ruched and couched to the exterior to give a bit more texture and interest. Ends were not tucked in...they were left to fray...I love the texture.
Hopefully I will get the other vessel that I've been working on done so I can post it.  Those who stopped by Open Studio's during Quilt Festival absolutely loved the Angelina that was imbedded/encased in it.  The glitz is wonderful.

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Carol Spadea said...

Oh gosh... Just wonderful... You guys are amazing.