Friday, October 12, 2012

Too Much Color....on Me

Guess I had to cry Uncle at some point, so yesterday except for sometime on my balcony I did not venture into the SUN!  That means I actually got a few things created.  Take a peak at my decorated canvas  apron...remember I like things somewhat simple, not too much frou-frou for me.  I remember seeing Stampingtons' Apronolgy for the first time several years back, which is probably when this apron entered my stash....yes sometimes things get lost and have to be found.  Recently I came across it and decided it was time to get busy.
Of course I did have to pick up a "few" new things for it the thick crocheted lace, which I found at Random Arts in Saluda, NC.  Thanks, Jane love your shop.  Had the vintage hankie, just had to tea stain it so that it fit into to my shabby look.

Recently I found a great blog....Katies Rose Cottage, love her flowers, so I tried a few.  Love easy to make...even with my not so coordinated arthritic hands. (have noticed an increase in dropsy lately, now I always have had a problem with this but....)
 See I told you I was hooked.  Here's my garden so far and I have 2 more underway today.  They are so fun to make.
Now it's time to appreciate the view......

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