Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Studio...Away from Studio

When I'm on the road for work or fun I always have some sort of art making "stuff" with really is the way I relax as well as work, my hands and mind have to be busy.  Soooo.......when I knew I was headed directly from Susan Brubaker Knapp's retreat to Florida I packed a "few" things to play with prior to leaving for North Carolina, I even thought I should pack a separate bag of clothes...I mean really mountain wear and beach wear are two different things.  Then I just moved my retreat project, sewing machine and threads into the south bound vehicle once I arrived home.  When I arrived at my final destination of the day (13 hours from the time I left North Carolina) I put the machine on the table and set some "stuff" up.....okay I've got to be honest, it was the next morning and I got distracted in the light of day.....
Off the balcony this is my view...can't beat that....I mean I then headed outside.
 Off for a walk with my camera in hand....
 Sorry the pull was just too great so......I grabbed a chair, sandwich, sunscreen and a book.  After sitting only a few minutes I gained a friend....funny thing he stayed the entire time I sat there and I swear he was offered nothing.  As the surf came in more I did have to move which is when I realized that even using a 50 SPF sunscreen I was burning....time to call it a day.....I figured no sense being so burned I would be uncomfortable, but I did fight it for about 30 minutes more.  I mean really would you want to go in or find a shady spot with no view.
 Back in the "studio" I pulled out more of my goodies.....wondering if I have enough OR everything I thought I'd "need".....   As someone keeps saying..."make it work"!
Maybe tomorrow I will have something to show for my creative efforts.

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