Thursday, October 30, 2008

Houston Full Day #1

Well.....full day #1 is down in the history books. We managed to survive and are happily back in the hotel room with our feet propped up and drinks in hand!!! We saw many faces today again......first let me add that I meant to mention Laura Cater-Woods in yesterday's post. Hopefully she won't shoot me for that. On top of that though we've seen Natalya Aikens, Rosemary Claus-Gray, Pamela Allen, Mary McBride, Sandy Snowden, the Brown Sugar Stitchers(at least a few), a number of SAQA people, and Linda Minton came into the booth we missed an introduction with her though. As you can see it is a star-studded affair.

Today was my day for the Make It University class in which I did a mixed media canvas project. Which amazingly got an endorsement from Pokey Bolton as a good project for MIU. Now who in their right mind would have seen that coming!! Now mind you I don't really like teaching as I get so nervous about talking in front of large groups. Now you might be saying that a class of 25 really doesn't count as a large group. Look at the photos below though as you can see it is an open air classroom right in the middle of the show floor. You have your 25 students and anyone can walk up to the edge walls and listen in to see what is going on so really you are talking to a lot more. So the good news is there was no fainting, no getting sick, no weeping or pulling hair out simply a smooth go. Well not so smooth. The class before was running a little over so I had a short time to set up. I guess that could be seen as a good thing as not a lot of time to psych myself out just to focus on getting all the stuff in place! I managed to get it all out and was ready to start on time. I even managed to block out the hecklers mom managed to pull in to action at the start (thanks Pamela, Rosemary, Mary, and Jane)!! Saturday's journal class is now all to mom!!

Here are the few pictures I've managed.....

Me teaching MIU 10/30

2nd photo my MIU 10/30

This photo is a return favor to Jane Davila for posting us in our costumes last year on her blog!! MIU class 10/29. Guess she didn't realize/like that you could clip the mic to your shirt instead of holding it.....oh well made for a better candid shot!

Booth shot #1

Booth shot #2 with grungeboard and roving.

Booth shot #3 all the hand-dyed items.
That's it for tonight. I'll see what pics I can get tomorrow. Should be good seeing as it is Halloween and there's quilters involved. I can see all the costumes now.......have a good day!!

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