Sunday, October 26, 2008

Update that is all over the place.......

Wow guys did I fall asleep with the posts.....well not really but this is the first moment I've really had to sit down for any length of time!! We are currently in Houston for the Quilt Market and Festival. Today we went to market to check out all the new stuff. We were slightly disappointed by not finding too much that was cool. On the upside though Michael Miller has found some absolutely amazing designers and their fabrics should be coming in in not too long. We just sat drooling over those. Another booth we got lost in was a Japanese company. Keep an eye out for felt ribbon and really cool Japanese fabrics. They've even taken their fabric and made it into oil cloth!!! I could have stayed in that booth all day long.

As for interesting people we met/saw today.......the usual suspects of Debbie Bates and Liz Kettle of "The Art Tartz" who are published monthly in Quilter's Home. While seeing them we met Mark Lipinski the editor of that magazine. He really is the same in person as what you read in the magazine. Betty Blais who all of you should thank for your Angelina Fibers as she is the queen of the company. Jay McCarroll of Project Runway fame was there introducing a new line he just designed. It was quirky little creatures that made a quite whimsical line. Kinda makes me want to carry novelties but alas we have stuck firm so far.

We have a day and a half off to finish getting ready for set up at Festival. We are very excited about this year and all the stuff we have.

Sorry for the darkness of the photos but the laptop I'm on doesn't have a photo program so I was not able to lighten them. These are pics of our booth at the Gwinnett, GA show and the Shop Hop Challenge Quilts.

1st Place Rebecca Keeble

2nd Place Elleda Rule

3rd Place Julia LaBauve

Paula Coplon

Kristin Rodriguez

Tammy Silvers

Janelle Girod

Lois Benedict

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