Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Working on......

I'm almost done with my "Transformation" piece. I've got it quilted and bound now I just have to embellish it. Finally put a sleeve and label on it to call it complete. Definitely will be ready for the June 10th deadline.

Then I've got to move on to making/finishing pieces for BRA. Brazenly Radiant Art will start auctioning off the donated artwork June 15th/16th. I've got several in the works and want to do more so that is the next project. Lol........then I'm sure I'll have to get back to the Amy Butler shop model quilt of diamonds!! As for Amy Buter stuff I did do her new Birdie Sling!!

I used the Midwest Modern line and it turned out great. This was my first time doing pleats and I must say they came out well. I'm now definitely in the mood for summer. back to beading that exhibit piece!!

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