Thursday, May 8, 2008

A bunch of catch up.......

Sorry guys for not writing in a long time. Things kind of got crazy for me recently and I took an unexpected trip out of town. Now I'm finally back in the swing of things and here's what we've been working on lately. As was requested here are some photos of mom's book she worked on while down at Focus on Fiber at the beginning of April.

The cover.

Working on Lutradur.

Close up.

Other side of pages.

Here are the PCs I've gotten in return from my Tsukineko Ink swap. 1st- Ingrid Tiffe, 2nd-Meg Lamey, and 3rd- Patricia Mattison
Gotta admit I think Meg's is my can't figure out why!! Flowers tend to be my thing so I loved getting one in return and her shading is awesome.

Front of quilt mom is working on. This is one of those ones that should have been done eons ago but wasn't. This will be one of the pieces up for reverse auction in October that is a part of Brazenly Radiant Art.

Mom is in love with the back of the quilt and how the lines look on the diamond fabric.

This is what I'm working on. This is the shop model for the Midwest Modern line of fabric by Amy Butler. Lol.....this is the first time I've ever done diamonds. Haven't decided yet if I like working with them. I can say that I hated cutting them out!

Last but not least for this post......Mom is making this quilt out of the Australian fabrics we carry. Hopefully she'll get this one done before surgery so it will be hanging over the summer.
There is so much going on around her now so I promise to keep you guys updated more frequently then this last post took!

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Carol Sloan said...

wow, I love the book that your mom made!Is the fabric on the front side painted or what? I really love the colors. You guys always have the best looking goodies! I am
really looking forward to coming there in August for JCP. I have been working some with the Tsukinko inks. There is a picture on my blog (the first entry) at If you get a chance to look at it, let me know what you think. You will see almost the same color of blue that your mom used on her book!You guys have a great day!