Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Sale & "Transformation" Piece

Well Memorial Day will be my last day off for a while since Mom is having her surgery this week. She decided that she wanted to have a sale that day!!! I guess figuring that more of you will come in and visit her before she vegitates for 2 months. So the sale is 20% off of everything excluding consignment items......finish off a bolt though and get 25% off that piece of fabric!!! So take a moment in between all your Memorial Day plans to stop on by and wish her a good summer!

I signed up again to make a piece for the exhibit that Fiber Art Fusion is doing this summer at The Art Place in Marietta, GA. The theme of this year's show is "Transformation". I just started working on the piece on Monday. Shh......don't tell anyone I completely forgot the deadline so then had to hurry up and do it before mom left! is the piece so far. I have to layer and quilt it but that's it. Don't have a name quite yet but a few are rolling around in my head. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!!!!

All rights reserved Kristin Rodriguez

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Carol Sloan said...

Hi Kristin!
That's very awesome! I love the way that you Transformed the fabric. How did you reattach the small pieces? All sewn?