Monday, April 7, 2008

Past Week

Well this past week has been a busy one since mom is down playing at the Focus on Fiber retreat in Florida. I think she purposefully planned a lot of shipments to arrive this week so that she'd not have to enter them!! Oh well......maybe I'll keep some of the fabric waiting for her to cut fat quarters. She'll really love me then!

In between the entering of items I managed to get quite a lot done. I made a whole mess of burp cloths for friends that are having baby showers or have ordered more. Then I got this crazy idea that I needed to make quilts for my friend's kids. Lol....she's been giving me a hard time for a while about not making her or them anything. The excuse of the fact of I didn't quilt when she first had them is not working anymore!! So on Wednesday night I decided what the heck I can make 2 throw quilts before the party on Saturday afternoon!! aunt thought I was crazy which is a typical thing lately but guess what I got them done. I kept them nice and simple and they are only 40" x 50".

This is for the 4yr old little girl. Her favorite color is pink and I absolutely loved the bigger green floral that came in with it so that is how the colors got chosen. She loved it!

Then here is the 3yr old little boy's quilt. The turquoise squares have frogs in them and the beige ones are turtles. I simply did 5 1/2" squares so that it went pretty fast.

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