Friday, April 18, 2008

New Work

We've been busy working these last few days around here. We've been trying out products we hadn't worked with before and trying to finish up old projects.

This quilt was originally destined to be a shop model. All of the blocks were ready to go (cause I'm the one that strip pieced them) but Mom never quite got them together!! By the time she went to work on them we were out of the fabric! So now she's putting it together so that come October when we do a reverse auction for BRA - Brazenly Radiant Art we can auction it off then. She had no idea there were so many pieced blocks left she has enough to do another quilt! Hopefully that won't take her a year like this one did!

I signed up to do a postcard trade on a Yahoo group called Surface Design. The postcard was to be made using Tsukineko Inks. Now normally you'd imagine if you signed up for a trade it would be for something you've used or know how to use. Not me though!! I signed up having never used them nor having any. We carry them here at the store and knew the logistics on how they were to be used but have never played with them. Here's my first attempt........I sure wish I had picked Lemon Yellow instead of Banana Creme but oh well.....

Here's the second attempt with them. I'm pleased with the shading on this one.

Now I think I'm hooked.....I want to play around some more. I know I'm missing something about how to use them better but oh well for now. I also can't wait till Judy Coates Perez comes in August cause I'm taking her Tsukineko Inks class.

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