Thursday, April 10, 2008

Somebody needs to take my temperature......

.....cause I really must be sick!! Now, now.....I can just here the retort of "Yeah, in the head" but I seriously hope that that only came from my good!!

In the course of prepping for Brazenly Radiant Art (BRA), the fundraisor we're doing for the Atlanta 2-Day Walk, I kept getting asked if I was walking. Now I can honestly say that I had thought about it but every time my brain got the part of where it is 30 miles in the course of 2 days I talked myself out of it. Well unfortunately I can't do that any more! I'm now a registered walker (this is the reason I think I'm sick)!! I've at least talked my aunt Karla who works with us and teaches the doll classes into walking with me but I'm still a little astounded by the 30 miles. Anyone else want to join us?? Here is the team page:

This is where we will be collecting the donations for the art work when the auction starts in June. Now if you can't afford the $40 in order to get the piece of art work please do not let that stop you from donating what you can.

I even have a personal page as I have to do fundraising for myself as well. Here it is:
This is another reason I think I must be sick as I have signed on to raise an additional $1000 just so that I can walk. I'm glad to be a part of this event though because it is one that affects so many women, several being ones I know. So like I said before even if you can't afford the $40 in order to get a piece of art feel free to donate what you can even if it is only $1 it still helps.

While I know that I might not get many takers on my offer of having people join us for the walk I definitely appreciate any good thoughts you want to send our way. They will definitely help us make it through the 30 miles!!!! I'm glad I've got a good pair of shoes.

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