Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hard at Work

Well after last week's fun Sew In.....(mom took pictures so will work on getting her camera to try and post a few) .....we have been hard at work trying to finish up our exhibit pieces. We are members of a fun night guild called Fiber Art Fusion. That guild is hosting a show soon in September at the Art Place over on Sandy Plains and we are making pieces for the show. The show's theme is HOPE. Mom is doing a piece, I'm doing one and then she signed us up to do one together. She has been fighting with her piece for a while now but has seemed to figure it all out recently. It's in its last stages of finishing so she should be done by the August 14th deadline. I finally figured mine out and have been working on it this past week. Just have some of the final quilting to do and will be done!! YippeeeNow our joint piece is another matter all its own! I had an idea that continues along a theme of hers lately. When I told her what it was I thought she was going to bop me upside the head!! I explained my vision and then told her she had to figure out the basics of making it happen then we'd work on completing it together. You'd of thought I asked her for the sun and moon!! granted neither of us has ever done anything like what I came up with for an idea but isn't that one of the points. You constantly have to step out of the box. I'll take pictures of our individual pieces shortly and give you little tastes of them. I'll also try and take pics of our joint project as we begin it and you can laugh along with us as we blunder our way through!!!

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