Saturday, August 4, 2007

Progress on HOPE Pieces

Here are some pics of the work we've been doing for our HOPE pieces. Guess we work great under pressure with a deadline looming. I think I've mentioned before that our deadline is Aug. 14th. I just finished my individual piece and there is a pic of one panel below. Mom just has to assemble her individual piece and she will be done.

Though both of us seem to be taken with this joint project we are working on. We have no idea of how the ultimate piece will turn out but our logic will hopefully see us through.

Here mom is hard at work on one panel of the piece. Lol......we're positive some of you are just shaking your heads wondering what hairbrain idea we got ourselves into.

A close up of the piece.

Top panel of my individual piece. There are two panels that hang below this one.

Hopefully Monday I'll have some more pics of the progress of our joint piece which we've finally agreed to name Nature's Prayer.

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