Monday, November 24, 2014

Three Super Simple Burlap Holiday Projects

A week ago we decided to turn on some holiday songs and have a play day where we came up with a few holiday projects using our burlap, cheesecloth and more.  It was definitely a fun filled day.  We've seen so many cool things made out of burlap but the majority of them all use natural burlap.  So we decided to create some of those things using our hand-dyed burlap to show what a difference a color can make.  Then we decided.....why not play with cheesecloth too.  Over the next few days we will be posting all of our creations along with some simple instructions so that you can do them yourselves!  We'll include links over to our website where you can purchase the colors you need for that project.

Burlap Button Tree
This simple yet stunning holiday decoration is easy to create.  All you need is a 5" x 7" frame, Merlot burlap, watercolor paper, buttons (vintage or new), thin hemp cord/ribbon, matte gel, paintbrush, and a glue gun.

First....gather up those supplies

Then cut down the watercolor paper and piece of burlap to 5" x 7".  Using the matte gel and paintbrush paint a thin layer of matte gel directly on to the watercolor paper.  Then lay the paper glue side down on to the burlap and put a book on it to weigh it down while it dries for a few minutes.  Then cut along the edges of the watercolor paper.  Burlap stretches so attaching it first to the paper before cutting assures you full coverage.  If you cut it down first, you might end up pulling it "wonky" in order to cover the piece of paper.

Now you are ready to get your "tree" ready.  I picked out a total of 28 natural wood buttons approximately 1/2" or smaller, 1 larger green plastic button approximately 3/4", and a small red plastic button to create my tree.  I laid out the pattern on the table beside my burlap.  The first layer of buttons at the bottom was 7 wide, the next 6, the next 5 and so on.  Decide your spacing from top to bottom of the piece.  If you need to find the center of your burlap for the bottom row of buttons, now is the time to make that mark. You will put your first button dead center on that mark as you start your tree.  Keep in mind it needs to be towards the bottom so you have plenty of room to work up but not so close that your "trunk" button is going to touch the frame.

Once you have your tree laid out and your center mark, you are ready to start gluing your buttons on.  Use a little bit of hot glue on the back of every button to adhere it.  Start with your tree buttons first.  Once you have the tree built put on the "star" and "trunk" buttons.  Then tie a bow with hemp cord or ribbon and glue it above the "star" button.  Once this is done frame the piece and put it out for display!

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Burlap Tree Ornament
This project will take you only a matter of minutes and can easily be done by you and/or your children.  All you need is a small piece of burlap, watercolor paper, Tim Holtz Ruler Ribbon(or 1/2" wide decorative ribbon), a popsicle stick, green paint, copper stamp pad, small button, 5" thin ribbon, paintbrush and matte gel(Liquitex, Golden or Modge Podge).

Front View

Simply free hand cut a triangle from the watercolor paper.  This one has a base of approximately 3 1/2" wide and about 5" tall.  Using the matte gel and paint brush, apply a thin layer of the adhesive on one side of the watercolor paper.  Lay the glue side down on the green burlap and lay a book on it to weigh it down for a few minutes.  While you are waiting for this to dry glue a 1 1/2" piece of decorative ribbon to the bottom of the popsicle stick. Paint the other side green to give it a finished look.

After 5 minutes, cut along the edges of the watercolor paper to cut out your tree.  Burlap stretches so gluing the paper on before cutting the burlap will assure full coverage of the paper.  Take your copper stamp pad and rub it quickly over the edges of the burlap.  Paint the back side of the paper with the green paint.  This just gives you a finished look from the back side.  Take your 5" piece of ribbon and tie a knot at one end.  Take your popsicle stick and run a thin layer of matte gel along the remaining unpainted side.  Lay the bottom portion of your ribbon loop near the top of your popsicle stick.  Then place down your burlap/paper tree and push down along the stick to assure it adheres.  Once it dries use matte gel or hot glue to attach a button at the top.  Simply hang up and enjoy!

Back View

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Burlap Embellished Christmas Card
Want to make your own cards?  It really is easy!

Materials:  Kraft paper cards/envelopes, Kiwi burlap, Christmas themed scrapbook paper, copper brads,  copper stamp pad, brown and lime green paint, paper towels, and adhesive dots.

Take your copper stamp pad and run it quickly around the edges of the card.  Then to add a little more texture to the background wad up one paper towel and dip the edges into the green paint.  Lightly dab around the card and let it dry.  Then repeat this with brown paint.  Set the card aside.  Cut out one of the images from your scrapbook paper.  Then cut a piece of burlap large enough to show around the edges of the image.  Place a copper brad in each corner of the image(do this at this point so that your brad backs don't show inside the card) and this will attach the two layers (paper & burlap) together. Use 5 adhesive dots to attach this collage to the front of the in the center and one at each edge.  Your card is now done!

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Keep an eye out over the next few days for more projects!

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