Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cheesecloth, cheesecloth, and more cheesecloth!!!

Playing with cheesecloth ended with two trees, a wreath, and oh yeah.....our rosettes that are published in the December/January Quilting Arts Magazine hitting stands on December 2nd!  Here are a few of the projects you can make from our cheesecloth!

Vintage Cheesecloth Wreath
Materials:  Dulce de Leche Cheesecloth Gradation, 12" foam ring, flat head pins, watercolor paper, sheet music, brads, Setacolor Glitter paint, alphabet stamps, copper and black stamp pads, green paint, organza ribbon, sequin waste, paint brush and matte gel.

Starting materials
Open each 1/2yd of cheesecloth to the half way point and using scissors cut each piece into 4 strips approximately 4 1/2" wide.  Take one strip of each color and open them up all the way.  Now using the flat head pins you are going to pin each strip at the back of the foam them all close to each other.  Start wrapping all strips simultaneously around the ring.  When you get to the end.....make sure you can pin each end to the back of the ring.  If necessary, trim off any extra. 

Wrapping the strips around the ring.
Start the next set of strips where the others ended.  Use them to help cover any of the ends.  Just keep using the pins as necessary.  Each set of three strips should cover a fourth of the ring.  When you get done this is what you will have. 

Wrapped ring.
Now to work on the embellishment!

Star Embellishment

Use the matte gel to attach a 5" x 5" piece of sheet music to the watercolor paper.  Then use the Setacolor glitter glue by painting it over the sheet music.  Let dry.  I used a cookie cutter to get the approximate shape and size of the star.  Trace it on to watercolor paper side of the star once dry.  Cut out the star.  Then  use the copper stamp pad to rub around the edges of the star.  

Cut out another piece of watercolor paper, curve the edges for some interest, that will measure about 2 1/4" wide by 1" tall.  Color with a light layer of green paint.  Once dry stamp YULETIDE with the alphabet stamps and a black stamp pad.  Rub the black stamp pad around the edges to distress it.  Use the brads to attach it to the star.  Put a piece of cheesecloth, a piece you trimmed off the end by chance, between the two for a little interest.   

Now choose where you want to attach your star.  Before you do you are going to create a bed of organza loops first with sequin waste underneath.  Pin the piece of sequin waste down.  Now take nine 8" strips of quarter inch wide organza ribbon.  Match the ends together slightly overlapping creating two loops.  Use a pin in the center capturing both ends of the ribbon and pin in place over the sequin waste.  Repeat with the other 8 strips offsetting them as you go.  Then pin the star in place.  Hang and enjoy!

Fairy Cheesecloth Tree
Materials:  Jalapeno Cheesecloth Gradation, 3 7/8" foam cone, hot glue gun, and embellishments.

Open the lightest 1/2yd of cheesecloth and cut approximately nine 2" strips.  Now comes the tricky have to have that hot glue gun are going to twist up the first strip.....and keep it twisted.  Whether that is placing something on one end so it can untwist or holding one end in your mouth (this is what I did).  Start at the top of the foam form and wrap the strip around using the hot glue to hold it down.  Once the top is covered start spiraling around the form.  

Wrapping strips around
Continue around the entire form.  Switching to the next strip as needed.  

Totally wrapped
Now it is time to embellish.  I kept it very simple and used these totally cool vintage cellophane flowers and a little dried floral addition.

Cellophane Flower
Put in place and enjoy!

Somehow while photographing the tree.....I didn't realize that the angel has a string of burlap in her clasped hands!  I think I better go clean that up!!!

Vintage Ruffled Cheesecloth Tree
Materials:  Dulce de Leche Cheesecloth Gradation, 3 7/8" foam cone, flat head pins, needle and thread, lace, and organza ribbon.  Oh yeah....and a'll find out later!

Take the cheesecloth and open up to the halfway point.  Cut various 4" wide strips.  Now fold the first one in half...matching up the rough edges together to create a finished edge ruffle.  Thread your needle and run a line of stitches down your entire strip along the rough edges so that you can ruche them.  When you get to the end....push the cheesecloth down the thread and ruche it.  Once done....knot the thread to finish the strip.  Start from the bottom and wrap around the cone.  Attach using the flat head pins.  You can continue up in one color or vary colors like shown.  

Now here is the trick.....the top of the cone doesn't have a point.  Use that toothpick stuck in the top to wrap the cheesecloth around and glue in place to create the point.  The tree then had some lace wrapped around and little bow made from organza glued to the top.

Cheesecloth Rosettes
Find the pattern for these in the newest Quilting Arts magazine.


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