Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fiber on a Whim Has NOT Closed- Clarification

We have not closed nor do we have any intention of doing so!!!!
This week on QuiltArt has been quite active with discussion on copyright issues.  The focus was the use of photographs and paintings as inspiration for quilts.  There are many people that feel using a photograph/painting doesn't make the resulting piece a form of art.  We love using photographs as inspiration for/basis of/focal points and such in our pieces.  We fully encourage others to as long as it is a photo of theirs, copyright free image, or have permission to from the original artist. 

People feel so strongly about this that often times their comments became quite negative.  One main comment was that everyone on QuiltArt is "quilter-artist-wanna-bes" and that is why we were singling out these particular quilts in our conversation about copyright.  When an individual said they were offended by that characterization I simply gave background on the commentator.  I never named names nor gave direct links to find the name and so on.  My comments were all factual and based on what has happened to me(proof in emails and blog posts).  I never said the commentator herself had done anything, simply that she had started a group that fostered an environment where a situation occurred that I had direct issue with because it impacted my artwork/teaching.  Once again.....I never stated that the creator of the group did this just that her "vision" for the group created the environment for this. 

Unfortunately that person has seen fit to reach out to a number of individuals and make harmful comments against my mother and our company.  I'm sorry if you were caught in the middle of this!  It was never my intention to include any of you in a simple statement of fact on QuiltArt.  Unfortunately that was not the view of another party and we are sorry she dragged you into any of this.  If you have any questions about us or our business, please contact us with them.

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