Friday, April 19, 2013

Discharging Fabrics

We actually stuck around the studio for the whole day yesterday!  Hmmm...we are surprised at ourselves that we didn't do any visiting around town but it was good for production.  We got a lot of fabric discharged and it is now up online for sale at Fiber on a Whim.  We have only completed all the brown discharged fabric and are moving on to the blacks today.  

Here are a few pics:

I also spent time cutting up little pouch kits from our Osnaburg that will make their debut at quilt market!  The order with the zippers for them arrived today so I'm excited that I might get them completed and off the table today.  Last night I started making another confetti piece and hope to finish that today.  Also get a whole bunch of fabric in dyes....that is if we don't start roaming around which might be hard.  I think we are planning to go back to Kirchoff Deli today for lunch since the other day it was so fabulous!!!

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