Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year!!

Well we made it through 2009 thankfully. We are hoping that 2010 is less of a bumpy road personally than last year. We are both hoping to get more art done in the new year. We are also hoping to post more about the things we are doing or receiving in as well. Here's a few things that rounded out last year and began this one.

Two days ago we had a business trip up to North Carolina. Good thing was that it ran us right by Mary Jo's in Gastonia. We went in with the list of plumping up our blues and yellows as we do not buy much of those both personally or for the store. We thought this would be the best opportunity to stock the stash for future use.

You can see we veered off course just slightly! You can see a decent amount of blue but this pic doesn't really show any yellow!! We felt a little bit better upon realizing Mary Jo doesn't buy a lot of yellow either. Hmmmmm......we will have to hunt harder. we know the question is coming......Why are you out buying fabric when you own a fabric store? Who knows maybe it is just for excuses to stop at stores like this one!

In the month of December I had two t-shirt quilts that I was hired to make. Here are the photos for them. Both are two-sided and about 50 x 50".

I really liked how this first one photographed.

For this one I was told her favorite color was purple. I decided to do a log cabin and run like colors together to build it out. I think I could have done this a little bit better with blocking out the colors to make a better pattern. Lol.....only part that matters though is that she loved it.

We are in the middle of working on several projects and have many new products due in. I'm making a resolution to post at least 2 days a week. I'm hoping for more than that but trying to be a little realistic with myself!!! Happy New Year to all.

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