Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fiber on a Whim's first online class!!!

We have been asked so many times about offering an online class so we've finally listed one. You can find extensive details by following the link below.


Brief Description: 4 week online class starting March 6, 2010. If you've always wanted to try water solubles but have been a bit hesitant this is the class for you. You will be guided through Vanishing Act #1 by Jan Beaney as you learn which product is best for you for what techniques. Each week you will have various examples to work through on different products. The last week you will be assisted in choosing one of the examples and creating a more finished piece of art. A kit is included in the class fee. It will provide the harder to find materials and allow you to try more products without the expense of buying more than you might want. You may either register for the class that includes the book or for the one that doesn't (if you already own it). Either way you will need the book for the class.

We hope that several of you join us for this class. We will be announcing a few more classes as in the next couple of weeks.

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