Saturday, November 1, 2008

Houston Full Day #3 & Surviving the Runway started out quietly in Make It University but ended up with quite a party. I don't think that most know what to do with us in MIU on Saturday at closing time. We were having such a good time that many had to wander over to see what we were up to. Fun thing was that once they got there they stuck around to see the end of it. I've got a lot of pictures on this post but I just couldn't let them go by.

Here's how the day started. Mom had her MIU class of an altered journal at 1:15. The first pic is of someone making it. Once again sorry for the darkness of the photos but I don't have an editing program on the laptop.

Here's mom teaching......

Then at 5:30PM began the party.....Pokey Bolton hosts Surviving the Runway. This show's theme was the 80's and they had to make an 80's rockstar outfit!!! It was so much fun to watch this so here are the photo's I was able to click in between staring in amazement as to how these individuals were able to think of this and laughing. Also you can see in some of the photos that we got a little camera happy. Snapping pics of others taking pics of us!!

Here are the participants doing the electric slide to "earn" more supplies for their outfit.

Here's a close-up of Barbara Delaney and Pokey Bolton leading the dance.

The main ingredient in the outfit was the use of a record. It had to appear somewhere in the piece. Here is one decoration of it.

This is Lesley Riley who was the "Tim Gunn" of the event and encouraging the designers to "make it work".

Now they are dancing to "Come on Eileen..."

Another shot of the dancing.

This is from left to right..Jamie Fingal, Lesley Riley, and darn it call me tired but I just forgot her name. It's on the tip of my tongue.......

Here is Kathy York and her outfit. She earned the bra by dancing on a chair. Madonna influenced her design.

Here's where the camera happy bit comes in to play. Here is Judy Coates Perez snapping a pic of me photographing her!!

Here is another individual who was influenced by Madonna's early stages.

Here's Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts and Natalya Aikens who as you can see was continuing the camera happy phase of us all and snapping a pic of me.

More of the outfits.

More designers as they slave away.

Preparing for the runway walk. guys will have to tell me if she really pulled off the angelic look she was trying for. I think the hat must be hiding her horns!!! I know she'll have a comment for me on that one!

The runway walk. The designers had to parade their outfits on the main red carpet of the hall outside of the classroom. As I'm sure you can guess Kathy York won first place for her Madonna inspired bra and panties. She even went so far as to pull her hair into a ponytail off to the side. Then she took Golden soft gel and put it in her bangs to make sure she had the right eighties look! Let's all hope she went back and took a shower quickly to get all that out. There was many a mention to the movie Something about Mary. For all those that have seen it you understand completely the fun we were having with that at the end of the day. That's all for now guys. We are hitting the beds to enjoy our extra hour of sleep. See ya tomorrow.......

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Natalya said...

oh you are snap happy fer shur.... so much fun meeting you!