Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Shop Models

We haven't really felt much like working this week so we decieded to play with shop models. This is what we've accomplished so far.

Jan did this tote bag by following directions in the article "Converted Canvas Tote" by Gail Ellspermann that was originally published in Haute Handbags Vol. I. She had a lot of fun using the chalk pastels and then building up her collage. It of course is in her typical color!!

I decided to try and play with the chalk pastels on canvas. Well as you can see they definitely don't fix so when you added gel medium it seems to turn into watercolor. I'm pleased with it but would have prefered the chalk stayed in place.

So in doing this canvas I used the same chalk pastels but sprayed it with a fixable. I really like how this one turned out since the chalks didn't run. A customer really wanted to walk out with it as soon as I finished it but had to convince her that it couldn't go anywhere quite yet. Now I guess I better go and get a little bit of work done before we close in an hour.

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