Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Judy Coates-Perez has come and gone.......

.....what a shame. We would have loved to have had her at least another day. Judy is a fabulous teacher and a lot of fun to have around. Her manner of teaching really makes the painting feel accessible to all even if you think you have no drop of talent for it! The first class was Mixed Media Fabric Painting....I didn't get to take it but I'm sure my aunt loved her birthday present! You can see a whole bunch of pictures from that day and Judy's take on it on her blog

On Sunday I got to go down and take the class on Tsukineko Inks. I had a blast! I had dabbled with them before to do a postcard swap but this definitely made more sense. Here are the things I did in class:

Our practice piece. She really breaks it down so that you get the hang of them first before going all out with them. I was quite pleased with my peachy sphere.

So decided to keep working with the same colors and make this.

Then finally broke down and had to do a flower!!! I know, I know.........

Then she let us have a beautiful piece of hand-dyed fabric to work on. I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew by doing this rose picture. While I was "slaving" away at it Gaby was mass producing beetles and Katie was going to town on butterflies, beetles, and birds!! Oh well, I was really pleased with how this turned out. Now I just need to think of what to do with it. I also can't wait to play more.
We will most definitely work with Judy to find another time where she can come down and "play in our pond". She is absolutely fabulous. If you just so happen to find yourself anywhere near where she is teaching a class I suggest you jump on it.


Carol Sloan said...

Hear!Hear! You're absolutely correct! Judy is awesome!What a great time we had. Hope she will be back soon. You all did a fantastic job hosting the classes!I've got some pictures on my blog as well.

Heidi Miracle-McMahill said...

Beautiful Kristin!!! WOW!! I was so sad I couldn't be there. I almost called you last week to see if there might still be any openings on Saturday and wanted to pack up early from our vacation. I'll definitely jump on the opportunity if she comes again.