Thursday, July 26, 2018

Vacation...Over and Done......

As our vacation ended I wished for just a little more time, seems I have felt that way forever.  You see our vacation destination is the spot I have always spent summers, very near and dear to my heart.  While we are there we only have a sketchy connection to internet, which is absolutely wonderful in some ways and not so great in others.  Writing and loading photos to this blog is not easy and taking a laptop is just so here is just a couple photos....

Wouldn't you hate to leave a spot like this?

Now...I grudgingly have to wrap my head around getting back to work and hopefully posting a bit of fun and creative blogs about what we are up to.  We will be just a tad slow as dear daughter will have to undergo another procedure in the "infected tooth" saga that has slowed things down for many months.

Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

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