Saturday, July 7, 2018

Vacation Time....No, No..Please Don't Make Me Work......

You know that saying "I have spring fever"....well I have "summertime fever" and would much rather be playing every single day.  Right now I would much rather be prepping to head for the lake than work.  Grandson was very willing this past week to help me with gathering what we need, something tells me that's because he is more than ready to head north for fun, sun, water and family.  We decided that we would pile it in the corner of the family room so we could easily continue watching the World Cup.
Watching it all accumulate is making me very happy cause it means vacation is getting much closer; however this little guys attitude says he's not thrilled with what is happening.  Do you suspect he knows he's not coming along?  He will have fun with the dog sitter, I can guarantee that but he still looks a bit out of sorts
Maybe his mood is being affected by all the other commotion in his "space"; take note of the quilt it is his, he knows that but he's not usually allowed to be directly on the couch...hmmm. The mood may also be because of all the commotion in the room...remember everybody here wants to watch the World Cup so this is what the rest of the room looks like.

Gotta get the work done somehow.

Today's games are over, so it's time to go into the dye studio.

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