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16 Days at QSDS in Columbus, Ohio part 2......

Well I figured that if I was going along to work the "shop" then maybe I could take a class too.  During the 16 days, there are 4 different sessions.  Two "5" day sessions, each 5 day session has a different selection of classes offered; and two "2" day sessions, again with different selections of classes.  So.....I decided a 2 day session with Deborah Fell on collage.

We created a variety of papers in a colorway we had chosen prior to time with paint, paper and stuff, ah heaven.  It was surprising how many different things we had all brought along as "found" paper, fabric scraps or just stuff.  One student came back from lunch on Saturday with a few pieces she had found between the classroom and the cafeteria.  (and daughter dear complains that I pick up everything along a walk)  I was in good company in this class.

Here is a sampling of the papers I created to work from;
One afternoon I snuck into the classroom Seth Apter was teaching in and raided Kristin's work table in order to put a little pattern on my fabrics I'd brought for my collage class.
The fabrics are hand-dyed organdy and voile, I was so pleased that my marking making actually showed up very nicely on these "sheer" fabrics.  Paper behind them is a piece of canvas washed with the colorway I was working in,  Deborah suggested we make some papers that have a soft/pale colors.

After a couple hours of prepping papers, we started playing around with them;  this is actually a piece of Kraftex.  I decided I really like using this as my base for, love, love it. It held up so well to the paint,  (I could have used more water to get a better watercolor wash, but it was my first time working with it.)  stamping, dragging a fork with paint on the tines across it...and of course stitching.  These first couple of photos show me just fiddling around.  The blue piece is also on Kraftex and I feel is a great landscape.

Then I pulled a piece of canvas, to which I added painted Bristol paper, Lutradur scraps I had laying around, a scrap of cheesecloth and linen.
Next up was Evolon; which we started carrying about a year ago, but with our schedule this is the first time I got to play with it.  Using a color wash spray gave me a very soft background, adding a thin acrylic paint in spots worked well.  Little stamping and painted Mistyfuse added shading/depth.
As I looked around my table there were great things to old piece of encaustic that I didn't like, bristol paper, cheesecloth, grunge board and silk.  It needed some other marks and the sewing machine gave me the marks I needed.

Here's a couple of photos of my wall;
This last one is still in progress, it needs some stronger marks and some stitching; but it is on the Evolon and shows a piece of the "sheer" fabric (believe it's the voile).  Since returning home I have not had time to return to "playing"....soon I hope.  Goal is to actually use the batik as a quilted mat behind the collage.
These are all from a two day class.  This is what happens when you have the time to create, when the atmosphere is thick with creativity.  You play, make new friends, eat and play some more.

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