Thursday, May 18, 2017

Finished Before Spring Market.....

I cannot believe that we actually managed to finish all new work for our booth at Spring Quilt Market being held in St. Louis, MO this weekend. Daughter dear announced before we left for our artist in residency in Paducah, KY that we were going to limit the colors we would be using to our 5 new colors and a couple others.  It was our lofty plan to create all new pieces using those 5 new colors, with me kicking and screaming....I could not imagine making enough pieces to fill the walls our our booth with such a limited palette.  Over the next several days I will share photos of the finished work and hopefully some shots of our actual booth.

A couple of years ago we began creating pieces we refer to as our "textured collages", so naturally the plan was to create something in that style.  These pieces are a collaboration between us, Kristin lays out the background, does some hand stitching and chooses a photo transfer to be used which tends to set the theme.  She chose a bird photo to transfer for both these piece,  this shouldn't be a surprise we seem to each have favorite things we use in our work.  Then they are passed to me and I embellish them with embroidery and "stuff" my favorite part.

Even though we limited our colors, these 2 pieces show how differently fabrics with varied fiber contents take the same dyes.   Our multi dyes which we do in cotton, organdy and cheesecloth allow us to have some great variations to use. 

Check back to see more of  our new creations. 

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