Friday, April 21, 2017

Creative time...Accomplishing so Much......

How do you feel when you complete a project?  Isn't it exciting when you finish a piece and it actually is what you saw in your "minds eye"?   Around the studio here in Paducah you can feel the energy as things are being created.  It is absolutely wonderful.

When we got here we had a rough idea of what our priorities were, you see while daughter dear was in NYC in March I pulled a sneaky and developed five new colors.  You read that right...5!  They will be rolled out at Spring Quilt Market in St. Louis next month, so of course we needed to make up some new designs using those new colors.  That part of the plan is coming along wonderfully.  The other plan was to finish up some collaborative projects that have been being pushed to the end of every to-do list for months now.  We have actually managed to complete a few of them...I posted some of those on yesterdays blog.

Here is what I missed....
"Serenity I" is one of our stacked landscapes framed in a vintage ceiling tile frame.  The gentleman who created the frame could actually tell where he got the tiles from...really cool.  This piece is for sale;  it is $65.00  (actual piece is 4 1/2"by6 1/2", framed it is 10"by11 1/2").
This is "Lone Tree I" Sold

 Then again you have to balance out all that hard work with a bit of play....right?  My hubby came to visit us and after our anniversary dinner last Saturday at Doe's Eat Place in downtown Paducah, which by the way was fantastic.  We strolled around a bit so I could show him other places we love, as we were strolling past the Art Guild of Paducah gallery window we spotted this beautiful cherry bench.  It was closed and he headed home, but midway through the week I got a text suggesting I buy it.  Well I'm nobody's fool....we went downtown yesterday, measured it, hubby checked measurements at home, I checked with the artisan, Hoye Filbeck to see if he had any other cherry benches in various sizes.  We went back today and bought this gorgeous bench, which will be perfect in our family room.
Here is a peak at one of the prayer flag designs by Susan Edmonson that I am working on.  I have been having such a great time making these little gems that I now have 7 of them in different stages.  Believe me, Kristin is probably tired of hearing me giggle and clap as I stitch, but I am having a ball.
Check back in, you never know what we may get done....hopefully a lot before Quilt Week starts next week. 

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gbbarb said...

While in Paducah earlier in Quilt Week, some friends and I stumbled upon A.I.R ...Fiber on Whim. One of our best finds! The fabrics, fibers and threads were beautiful and different from what we usually see. They also inspired us to return home and 'play' with those great fabrics and threads.

Just in case it might take me awhile to make something...I was fortunate to purchase the Lone Tree 1 piece of art. I love it!!!! It makes me happy every time I look at it.
So glad it was there waiting for me to bring it home.