Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Relaxing, Sorting, Surprises......

How can unpacking, sorting out studios; basically cleaning be so relaxing....not sure but this past week has been so wonderfully relaxing that a thought about how on earth will we get back to work did pass through my mind.  Problem was when someone did have the audacity to say it out loud.  Then guess what came in Friday...oh, for those who regularly read this you probably can guess on your first try.....yup..a distributor order.  Guess we know what that means.....in the mean time here is a peak at life this past week.

Kristin made some flowers from our hand-dyed osnaburg, cotton organdy and cheesecloth; a vintage button adds just the right touch. She also unpacked show boxes, finished knitting a shawl, did book/computer work and of course watched the World Cup....our puppies did not appreciate her yelling at the TV.
During my days of sorting out the cutting table in my studio I found a few "works in progress" that I do believe I will be able to finish up this week.  Some of our collaborative stacked landscapes that we have been creating can get the finishing touches very easily.  The first will get borders and quilted.  I think our Butternut Squash Kona cotton will be the perfect touch for this southwestern feeling piece.
Then a few more stitches on these seascapes and they will be ready to frame. The bottom piece seems to be calling for some sea grass and beads.

The clouds are created using cotton floss and the sorbello stitch, my go to stitch for texture and dimension.

Saturday  I spent the day watching the World Cup, weeding the front gardens. They look really wonderful due to all our rain, but not everything was something that "should" be there.  A few weeks ago I took a day to plant the large planters so as to add some punch to the gardens...also to give myself something pretty to look at while working.  Sunday they got new mulch spread so as to weather the rest of the hot season... they look like dynamite and I am be ready to get back to work.
Well, maybe "slowly....very slowly".

Somehow playing in the dirt really does make me feel relaxed.

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