Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Creative Time.....

Not sure about you, but we don't get nearly enough time to "play".  This past week we took time, made time; however you would like to say it and it felt wonderful.  Even took time to be child like and climbed into the kiddie pool when the kiddies'  were done for the day....I know we are a bit old for that but when your hot, your hot!  To add to these precious summer days I even read a book....this makes the week sound like we really goofed off, but we dyed over 120 pieces of burlap....lost count of the yards of osnaburg and kona we also dyed.  This was really a productive week.

For those of you who do not get our newsletter, these little beauties are headed up to Checker Distributors for their open house event the end of August.  The young ones made them to be given to shop owners who attend.  They have a pin back on them so that they can be worn.....some of you may have seen them in Chicago at the International Quilt Festival.

One of the things I still cannot get used to is designing and planning way in advance.....like fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving, Christmas or even Valentines Day.  If someone has a tip for me, please share it....tried holiday music but with 90 degree heat and humidity it just didn't create the mood.  Given that, after the flowers were made it hit me that they would look great on a little heart pillow to be given as a gift to someone special or just as a holiday decoration.

 I may not have been able to get into the holiday mood but daughter dear certainly did, this table runner is made using 2 of our burlap bundles, little hand-dyed wool for applique and our hand-dyed perle cotton.  She even found some holiday decorations to stage some pretty photos with...
 The pattern and/or kit should be available soon at least I think that's what I heard.
 This new quilt was created using our hand-dyed Osnaburg....I love this fabric.  We talked about doing something out of osnaburg to send up for the open house and this is what came of that brief conversation...I did think the young one was crazy to suggest I make a quilt before Monday, but it went together between Saturday and Monday so quickly...don't you just love when that happens. 
Don't think we will get much "play" time this week.  Next week may be another matter!

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