Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Fabulous Problem to Have!

I have heard this phrase from Kristin so many time since July, I decided that a blog entry just needed to have that title.  The shows for this year are over....but the work is not.  Since returning from Houston and West Palm Beach we have been trying to get things re-stocked; however exhaustion and colds have slowed us down.  This is all we have managed to get done this week.

Caught Kristin at her folding table ready to fold and package during the Atlanta Falcons game....notice there is cheesecloth behind her, so I asked her to pile it all on the table.
This is what happened...she has to stand in order for me to see her. 
All I can say is yummy, look at all the luscious colors. Every time I see this I just want to dive in.

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