Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sneak a Peak

Here's a sneak peak at our test runs for our new hand-dyed perle cottons. We should have the new dyed product (perle cotton, silk coccoons, throwster's waste, and cheesecloth) up on Fiber on a Whim hopefully this week. 

These are just too Yummy!  The colors are similar to those of our hand-dyed silk fibers.  The fun part of all this was how differently the silk and cotton took the dye, just when you thought you knew what you'd get...surprise. 

Thought maybe you would enjoy just a couple of close up we washed these threads I just couldn't help but get excited.  These have made their way into my private stash, I can hardly wait to use them.

Many times I often begin a new piece by "collecting".  This is the beginning of a collection for a new piece which started with the hand-dyed fabric, laces and button a couple of years ago. It has sat in a baggie waiting.....when I saw some of the threads come out of the dye baths I knew they would be a great addition to the "collection".  

Here is my latest piece of work, see why all those threads have me drooling and fingers itching.  I absolutely love working like this, simple background and lots of hand pre-planning just letting the fibers direct where and what to do next.

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