Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thermofax Screens

Thermofax screens are a great thing to add to your toolbox! You can have a screen made from just about anything. A photo you've taken, a word, a letter, and the list goes on and on. The main thing to keep in mind is that it has to be a high contrast black and white image/copy in order for the thermofax machine to make a great screen.

We have pre-made screens as well as the ability to custom order one of your own design at:

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Here's a little video about thermofax screens. More information follows:

(For some reason I had difficulty getting the video on to the blog....I think it's too big. So the link will take you to the video on youtube.)

A little step by step process of using a thermofax screen to screen print!

1) Either put your screen into a plastic frame using duct tape or use the duct tape alone to create a frame.

2) Make sure you have a good padded surface to work on.

3) Pick your paint. Can be Golden Fluid Acrylic, Setacolor Opaque, Prochem Textile paint, or even Lumiere paint. The mica in the Lumiere can clog up the screen so you have to be really good about cleaning it immediately after use.

4) Make sure you have a tool to move the paint across the screen to push the paint through. The plastic/hard paper cards that come with credit card offers are great.

5) Lay out your fabric on your padded surface.

6) Put your screen shiny side down where you would like the image to print. (There are two sides to the screen. Shiny and matte. You will be able to tell.)

7) Squirt the paint in a line down the length of your image or use a popsicle stick to get the paint out of the jar and into a line.

8) Use the tool to pull the paint across the image and push it through the screen onto your fabric.

9) Pull up the corner to see if you've gotten the image as clear as you want it. If not, lay it back down and pull more paint through the image with your tool/card.

10) When you are done with the screen clean it immediately so that you ensure a long life for your screen. You want to be able to use it over and over.

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