Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last Day Inventory Blowout Sale

Last Day: Inventory Blowout Sale
Sunday January 1, 2012

Get your last orders in today!

Day 6 Sale:

40% off ONE item!!

You get to pick your sale! This can be 1 book, 1 piece of fabric (ie...if you order more then one yard of the same fabric you will get 40% off it all because it is ONE item), 1 kit, 1 of whatever you choose. Excludes clearance items.

Our system can not put 40% off to just one item so place your order and complete the paypal authorization. We will adjust your order as we fill it to give you the 40% off your most expensive item. We will only capture/charge you the appropriate cost.

No other offers/coupons accepted.

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